Do you feel as if your dreams of financial independence are sometimes just out of reach?

Ever wondered how global events would directly affect you and your personal finances - and how you could be worse off if you don't act quickly?

Clever With Cash is a financial resource site, without the jargon.

We help you to get ahead by explaining how big issues may affect you - and what you can do to protect yourself from risk or take advantage of the opportunity.

This site is packed with Special Reports, articles, tips, tools and news - all freely available to our members.

Simply put, how you improve your financial situation depends on two factors:

  1. The overall economy and how changes may impact on you.
    Just look at the news and all of the uncertainty there.

    Clever With Cash strips away all the hype to simply explain how to go forward. It's not just more information (simply regurgitated), but an attempt to add some understanding and context to the information overload we all experience.

  2. How you make the most of your own money and time.
    Little habits and some simple planning can make a big difference to your personal finances. All our ideas aim to simplify your life and put you in control of your money.

These resources will let you know what's going on, and how to get more from your time and money so that you can get ahead.

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Australia's Inflation Rate Rises to 4.2 percent
Why is inflation rising now, and what is driving it?

Inflation Returns
The possibility a rise in inflationary problems is now being acknowledged in many parts of the world. No matter where you live, world wide inflationary pressures are back! And it requires different approaches to everything to do with money - including wage contracts, borrowing for whatever purpose and any form of investment.

Mortgage Woes, What to do?
According to the Case Shiller national home price index, house prices in July 2007 were 3.9% lower than in July 2006.Mr Shiller, an economist at Yale University, has been quoted as saying that "The collapse of US home prices might turn out to be the most severe since the Great Depression."

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